Donald Trump ‘Wants To Pick The Voters’ Instead Of All Citizens Voting For President, Windsor Mann Says

Conservative writer and Lincoln Project member Windsor Mann took to Twitter on Wednesday to make a bold statement about President Donald Trump. Mann indicated he believes that Trump wanted to pick the citizens who get to vote instead of allowing every American vote to determine the winner of next Tuesday’s election. The assertion came in the wake of several lawsuits from both Republicans and Democrats across the United States seeking to either curtail ballot casting and counting or extend deadlines.

“Rather than letting voters pick the president, the president wants to pick the voters,” read the tweet.

Mann’s missive received a lot of attention on Twitter. At least 7,100 users hit the “like” button, and more than 1,000 retweeted and quote-tweeted it. Dozens also replied to the strongly worded statement. Many pointed out that it was a national form of redrawing districts so that certain areas had little to no chance of the other party winning.

“GOP has succeeded in picking their voters for years through gerrymandering. So why shouldn’t Trump think that way?” tweeted one person.

“Originally, that was called Gerrymandering. Now the GOP is all over the courts pressing lawsuits against fair voting laws during THE PANDEMIC THEY CAUSED,” wrote another user on Twitter.

The commenter seemed to reference several of the current court cases in the United States regarding voting during the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier today, a ruling came from the Supreme Court that allows both Pennsylvania and North Carolina to extend absentee ballot deadlines, Reuters reported. The ruling dealt a blow to Republicans in both states, which are vital to the 2020 presidential election outcome next Tuesday.

In Pennsylvania, the ballots will count as long as they’re postmarked by November 3. The SCOTUS also rejected a bid from the Trump campaign to block an extension in North Carolina. The rulings came two days after the court rejected Democrats’ bid to extend the mail-in deadline extension in Wisconsin.

“This is called voter suppression and GOP is getting exceedingly good at it,” another user tweeted.

Some replies seemed to indicate that those who wrote them worried that Trump was acting like a dictator from the 20th Century.

“I think it was Stalin who said ‘it doesn’t matter who gets the most votes; it is who counts them that matters.’ Kind of Trumpian,” read another tweet.

A few Twitter users spoke out and asserted that the statement was incorrect. Some said Mann hadn’t accurately described the situation, calling it fake news.

Across the country, at least one-third of those registered to cast ballots have already done so, according to CNN. The total sits above 75 million tonight.

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