Half Of Donald Trump Supporters Say He Should Refuse To Accept Vote If He Loses

Half of Americans say that they think Donald Trump shouldn’t accept the results of the upcoming election if he loses. As The Independent reported, HOPE Not Hate conducted a poll of 5,500 citizens about whether or not the election would be free and fair. The results indicate that there is concern among the electorate about the integrity of the election process in the United States.

Half of the conservatives questioned said that Trump would be right to contest the result of the election if he loses by a narrow margin, and 29 percent of people overall expressed the same. When people who express support for the far-right conspiracy QAnon were asked the same thing, a full 81 percent expressed a desire to question the election.

At the same time, only half of those questioned believe that the race will be equitable.

The Independent wrote that this matches up with its own polling from last month.

Trump has repeatedly attacked the election process and has been seeing as sowing doubt among the electorate about whether or not it will be free and fair. He has also refused to say whether or not he will accept the outcome.

He has suggested that there is widespread voter fraud, especially when it comes to mail-in voting, and that there is evidence of vote-rigging.

“And the falsehoods appear to have somewhat taken root: Nearly half (47%) of US adults surveyed think that there is likely to be election fraud significant enough to change the outcome,” the outlet wrote.

The suspicion behind the integrity of the election appears to fall along party lines, with Republicans saying that they think vote-by-mail is a tactic being used by progressives to steal the race.

Meanwhile, Democrats think that Republicans are using gerrymandering and other tactics to suppress the vote.

Even still, 61 percent said that vote-by-mail is a sensible option during the current climate, with only 18 percent saying they are against the option.

“The election of President Trump was a boost to the radical and far-right globally. He propagated a worldview that he shared in common with them – that ‘the establishment’ was not to be trusted and was conspiring against him and his supporters,” Matthew McGregor, a leader at HOPE Not Hate, noted. “Having already suggested he might not accept the election result, there is real concern over the potential reaction to a narrative that he was cheated.”

He added that people will have to come across the aisle to work toward a peaceful and fair result.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Democrats have a plan in place in case Trump doesn’t agree with the results.

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