Reality Steve’s ‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers Tease Tayshia Adams’ Portion Of Season Is A ‘180 From Clare’

New The Bachelorette spoilers from blogger Reality Steve provide a few hints regarding what’s ahead for the rest of the current season. The preview that aired at the end of Tuesday’s episode confirmed that Tayshia Adams will be involved going forward. Fans have been anxious to get the scoop on how things go for her, and it sounds as if it’ll be a very different experience from what the show’s current lead star has experienced.

The sneak peek for Episode 4, which will air on Thursday, November 5, was shared via The Bachelorette Twitter page after Tuesday’s show ended. While some tidbits had been incorporated into previous sneak peeks, this was the first time that Tayshia’s involvement had been confirmed. Viewers may not see much of her during the next show, but it appears that her presence will be incorporated on some level.

Next week, it is expected that Clare Crawley will step away from filming and choose to be with Dale Moss. The guys will be told about this, and Tayshia will be brought in. In his new blog post on Wednesday morning, Reality Steve shared a few tidbits he’s gathered regarding this chaos.

After the premiere, Clare appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night talk show. She insisted that the rumors regarding what went down on The Bachelorette weren’t entirely accurate. Based on the spoiler-filled blog post from Reality Steve, it sounds as if Clare may have been telling the truth, to a degree.

The blogger noted that Clare’s edit wasn’t great in Episode 3. Given that she’s the star, why would production intentionally make her look bad?

“Maybe it’s because they had Tayshia before this season even started and they really didn’t care what Clare did,” he suggested.

He went on to explain that based on texts he’s seen and things he’s heard, he believes that The Bachelorette producers had this switch planned from the very beginning. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to share specifics due to his commitment to protecting his sources.

However, Reality Steve said that his sense is that things were edited to make Clare look messy because they knew all along they’d shift to Tayshia.

If that’s the case, it certainly contradicts the overall vibe of The Bachelorette rumors that emerged over the summer. At the time, the story was that Clare fell for Dale and refused to continue filming.

Things may look that way next week. Despite that, it’s sounding more and more as if it may not have been Clare’s idea to pick Dale and stop as the lead.

Will viewers get two lasting love stories by the time this all ends? Unfortunately, Reality Steve’s spoilers hint that probably won’t be the case.

“[I]f you want a Bachelorette that’s basically a 180 from Clare, here it comes. That’s neither good or bad. I’m just telling you, it’s gonna be different. And by the way, you better enjoy the Clare/Dale love story this season — because that’s the only one you’re getting,” he detailed.

So far, The Bachelorette teasers regarding how Tayshia’s journey ends haven’t emerged yet. However, based on these new rumors, it sounds as if she didn’t find her happy ending in this wild, yet shortened run. Even if that’s the case, viewers have some shockers on the way, and everybody’s anxious to finally see how it all plays out.

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