‘The Bachelorette’ Rumors & Spoilers: Clare Crawley Reportedly Could Be Replaced Mid-Filming

There are some wild rumors swirling around about Clare Crawley’s journey as The Bachelorette and if they are true, this could turn out to truly be the most dramatic season ever. Supposedly, she is refusing to cooperate with production and they may try to switch Tayshia Adams to their lead instead, according to the moderator of a Bachelorette spoiler account, who posted the information on Reddit. Even spoiler king Reality Steve said he isn’t sure what’s going on, but based on the tidbits that have emerged so far, it seems that something pretty crazy might be in the works.

The buzz is that Clare feels that she has already fallen in love, and as a result, she wants to walk away from the show. If she does think she’s already found her match, she wouldn’t be the first contestant from the franchise to want to call it quits. Of course, that scenario wouldn’t make for a very long or interesting season of The Bachelorette.

Given that, the rumors initially seemed to be too crazy to be true. However, there are now other signs popping up that indicate there might be something to these claims.

According to Us Weekly, producers recently reached out to some of the guys who were potential cast members for The Bachelorette but ultimately did not start filming. Some of those men were contacted and asked if they could immediately head to California. A reason has not yet been made public.

Reality Steve said via Twitter that he could confirm that alternate contestants had been contacted. However, he acknowledged that he didn’t know why this had been done.

Since then, the intriguing post claiming that Clare would be replaced popped up on Reddit, which included a possible explanation. It was written by someone using a throwaway account, but Reality Steve tweeted out a screenshot of it and said he had a hunch there was something to this one.

The Reddit post claimed that Clare simply is not cooperating with production. She allegedly canceled scheduled dates and prompted the producers to come up with an alternative plan. The post also alleged that Tayshia has already been brought to the resort to quarantine in preparation to take over as The Bachelorette. If that’s all true, it would explain why guys were being asked to come back, as it seems they would basically be providing Tayshia a full group of guys to pursue.

How would all of this be presented in episodes this fall on ABC? The network has hyped Clare’s journey a lot over the past few months, so it would be strange to just pretend nothing happened with her.

They could show the first part of the journey that was filmed, show that she fell head-over-heels, and then shift to essentially give viewers two journeys in one season.

Nothing official about any of this has emerged yet, so it’s possible it’s not accurate or not a full picture regarding what’s going on behind the scenes. However, given how much is emerging right now, it seems quite likely that some level of confirmation will come soon, and fans will be quite anxious to learn more.

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