‘Arrested Development’ Character Posters Released

The fourth season premiere of Arrested Development is just a month away and today fans got their first real taste of what’s in store. Netflix released character posters for the new season as well as an exclusive clip featuring Buster and Lucile Bluth.

Arrested Development was cancelled in 2006 after three seasons. The show became a cult classic and last year Netflix announced that they would be bringing the Bluth family back together for a fourth season.

Jeffrey Tambor told MTV:

“It’s bigger than I thought, but you know we’ve always been the little engine that could … I was the cheerleader. I had little pom poms and everything, a nice little skirt. You know, it changed my life. It wasn’t hard to do … Everybody was excited. And the first night we all got back was a very interesting night. People were cheering. All nine of us got into a room that was a bit of a miracle. We were canceled and now we’re back.”

The cast isn’t talking about what season four will be about but Netflix has been putting out several teasers. Earlier this month they released a few posters for the series and today they revealed the characters as well as a short clip.

Tambor said: “You think I can tell you? I can’t. We have such a spoiler alert and I actually signed something, so I can’t.”

Here’s a look at the new character posters for Arrested Development. You can watch a clip from the fourth season of Arrested Development here.

The fourth season will premier on Netflix next month on May 26. Are you excited for the return of Arrested Development?