‘We’ve Had Enough Bushes’ Says Barbara Of Jeb’s Potential 2016 Run

Should Jeb Bush run for president in 2016? If your first thought was “we’ve had enough Bushes,” you’ve got a lot in common with family matriarch Barbara Bush.

During a Thursday interview with Matt Lauer on TODAY, Barbara Bush, wife to George H.W. Bush (AKA – Bush I), said that she thinks her family has had their turn in the White House. While son and former Florida governor Jeb Bush is still mulling a potential run in 2016, Babs thinks that her family should get out of the way and let someone else have a go.

“There are other people out there that are very qualified, and we’ve had enough Bushes,” she told Lauer.

“It’s a great country. There are a lot of great families and it’s not just four families,” she said. Barbara was quick to add of Jeb that: “He’s the most qualified, but I don’t think he’ll run.”

Barbara Bush was seated in the George W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas with two other generations of Bush women. Speaking on her father’s legacy, new mom Jenna Bush Hager gushed: “We’re so proud of him.”

“We walk into this museum, and you see baby pictures of us with him. That’s how we see him, of course, but more than that, we’re proud of his service to our country and everything he did,” she said.

Babs also said that her husband will attend the Thursday dedication of the center, despite recent health problems.

“It’s just the darn legs won’t work, but other than that, he’s perfect,” Barbara said. “He’s sweet and loving and it must be frustrating for him.”

You can watch Lauer’s interview with the Bush women below. Do you agree with Barbara Bush? Have we “had enough Bushes?”

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