Elementary Teacher Fired For Urinating In Classroom

A New Jersey elementary teacher was fired for urinating in his classroom. Second-grade teacher Ron Tuitt was fired, and denied tenure, after it was determined that his behavior was inappropriate.

Tuitt was suspended in 2010 but continued collecting his yearly salary of over $60,000 for nearly a year. His suspension continued without pay until this month when New Jersey Education Commissioners finalized his termination and removed his tenure protection.

As reported by Fox News, Tuitt admits urinating in his classroom on several occasions but blames the school system for failing to accommodate his special needs. Tuitt, who worked for the Peterson school district for nearly 15 years, was confined to a wheelchair. Tuitt suffers from lymphedema, which causes him pain and swelling in his legs.

A custodian reported the teacher when he observed him urinating into a waste basket. A further investigation, conducted by school officials, revealed that Tuitt’s students were aware of and even assisted with his urination issues.

As reported by NorthJersey.com, students were told to look away so Tuitt could urinate into a plastic bottle. Students were then asked to transport the bottle to the restroom to empty it into the toilet.

While Tuitt has admitted to urinating in his classroom out of necessity, he denies asking students to empty the bottles out. He explains that children may have carried plastic bottles containing cleaning supplies.

Tuitt accuses the school district of discrimination. He contends that he requested a classroom near a handicapped accessible restroom but was denied. School officials declined to comment on his accusation.

Tenure laws made it impossible to immediately dismiss Tuitt from his position. The current process is expensive and may take several years, which happened in Tuitt’s case.

Three years after Tuitt was excused from his classroom, the elementary teacher was fired for urination in his classroom. Prior to the accusations, he was reportedly respected and well-liked by colleagues and his students.

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