Eva Marie Showcases Fantastic Form While Working Out With Fitness Icon Kai Greene

Former WWE star, Natalie "Eva Marie" Coyle, linked up with fitness icon Kai Greene for an amazing workout. The wrestler shared some of the training footage with her 4.4 million fans on Friday, October 23.

The clip started with Kai showing Eva Marie how to do a deadlift correctly. It wasn't long before she showed perfect form as she pumped some iron. The workout continued with Kai showing Eva Marie how to do each move, sometimes alongside her, as she learned from one of the best in the business. At the end of the video, Kai offered her some encouragement.

"That is something," he said as she wrapped up her routine.

In the offering, Eva Marie wore a white compression sports bra with a red stripe along the side. The bra had a scooped neckline that exposed her bronzed décolletage as well as her chiseled abs. In the clip, she concentrated on upper body strength, and her shoulders, triceps, and bicep muscles were also put on display.

The athlete wore a pair of black leggings on her lower half. The pants clung to her hips, showcasing her toned thighs and legs. The high-waisted leggings allowed her to move comfortably without the pants riding down at inopportune times.

Eva Marie rocked her pink hair and styled it away from her face. She pulled it into a high ponytail that exposed her exquisite cheekbones and facial bone structure. She braided her locks for a fierce, edgy look, guaranteeing that they wouldn't be in the way as she exercised.

The wrestler accessorized with a couple of bangles and her watch on her wrist. She also wore a gold necklace with a cross pendant around her neck.

The video sparked a frenzy among Eva Marie's fans. More than 12,000 people have already liked it, and she was inundated with comments.

"Strong lady," one fan called her.

"I'm here for THIS," another said.

An admirer raved that both Kai and Eva Marie were legendary before adding the following to his statement.

"Y'all warmed up? Buckle your seat belts for 2021!" he said before adding a water bottle emoji.

"Kai Greene is so majestic," a fourth follower gushed.

In her caption, Eva Marie was also complimentary of the trainer, who has over 6.2 million followers on Instagram alone. Eva Marie admitted that both she and her husband, Jonathan Coyle, had their notebooks open during the session with Kai. She said that she was always ready to learn and grow.

The Inquisitr recently reported that rumors are rife that Eva Marie is reportedly set to return to the wrestling ring. Could she be stepping up her exercise regime in anticipation of returning to the world of WWE?