Bicyclist Pinned In Road Rage Incident In Beverly Hills [Video]

A suspected road-rage incident involving a white BMW and a helpless bicyclist was caught on camera in surveillance footage from Beverly Hills, California on April 3. The Beverly Hills Police Department is now searching for the suspect after releasing the video of a cyclist being pinned against a dumpster in an alleyway in what looks to be over a personal dispute.

The police are searching for the driver of the BMW on suspicion of attempted murder after issuing a statement that went on to add: “The driver intentionally rammed the bicyclist with his vehicle pinning him to a metal rolling trash bin.”

According to police, the driver has been identified as a white or Middle Eastern male in his mid-30s with dark hair. The Los Angeles Times reports that the bicyclist told police that he got into an altercation with the man and “punched the driver in the face” earlier in the day before being hit in the alley.

After ramming the cyclist, the driver fled the scene and is still on the loose. The hit-and-run took place in the alleyway between Wetherly and Almont Drives in Beverly Hills.

The driver’s reckless attack will cost him as the video is pretty clear though it is in black and white. After pinning the cyclist, the driver then drags him backwards going in reverse before taking off.

If that wasn’t enough, the police also noted that the driver “threatened to kill the victim and followed him” into the alley before the road-rage incident occurred.

Here’s surveillance video of the attack as the driver was forced to turn his car around before deliberately ramming the cyclist:

The white BMW didn’t miss its mark but the victim wasn’t seriously injured. After the attack, the cyclist was taken to the hospital with non-threatening injuries as police began their search for the driver.

Anyone with information on the Beverly Hills road-rage incident is asked to call Detective Eric Hyon at (310) 285-2156.

[Image via John O’Neill]

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