Donald Trump Is ‘An Unwell Person’ Who Is ‘Unfit’ For Office, Former White House Official Says

During an interview with Salon’s Dean Obeidallah, former White House official Anthony Scaramucci sounded the alarm on Donald Trump’s mental health and suggested that he is not fit for the Oval Office.

“He’s just, unfortunately, an unfit guy,” the businessman said. “He’s an unwell guy. Something’s wrong with him mentally. You don’t have to be a psychiatrist to see that there’s something wrong with him. The guy is very sick. He’s an unwell person.”

Scaramucci continued to claim he is going to devote his time over the next two weeks to ensure that Trump does not win re-election. However, he also expressed his belief that the hard work will not end there and said the coming years would require Americans to work together to “heal the country.”

Scaramucci did not appear optimistic about the state of America in the event Trump wins.

“If he wins, we’re going to be heading into an American winter, Dean. And it’s going to be a sad four years for America. This guy’s going to try to really disrupt and destroy the institutions of our democracy.”

Scaramucci also used the discussion to note that many former officials, including Trump’s former chief of staff, John Kelly, have spoken out against him. Notably, Kelly reportedly expressed his belief to close friends that the U.S. leader is the “most flawed person” he had ever met.

“They’ve all said that the President is unfit to serve,” Scaramucci said of Kelly, H. R. McMaster and James N. Mattis, all of whom are veterans who formerly worked in Trump’s administration.

According to Scaramucci, the trio is opposed to Trump’s use of force in Lafayette Square and believes that he poses a threat to the U.S. Constitution. The former White House official also said they believe the president is attempting to divide the American people as opposed to uniting them.

Scaramucci has sounded the alarm on Trump’s fitness many times. As The Inquisitr reported, he most recently did so after the president was diagnosed with the coronavirus. The former investment banker said the U.S. leader is mentally and physically unwell and should drop out of the presidential race. He then pointed to reports of lung damage and brain fog for COVID-19 and the possibility that the head of state could suffer from such after-effects of the deadly virus.

Scaramucci also argued that Trump’s approach to leadership is negatively affecting the health of Americans. In particular, he said that his decision to ignore the advice of epidemiologists and scientists amid his handling of the pandemic has made America weaker, sicker, and poorer.

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