Donald Trump’s Twitter Account Reportedly Hacked By Individual Who Guessed His ‘maga2020!’ Password

Ethical hacker Victor Gevers said that he hacked into President Donald Trump’s Twitter account after five attempts at guessing his password. The accurate password ended up being “maga2020!” and his profile lacked two-step verification, the hacker claimed.

As RTL News reported, Gevers, who is well-known in the Dutch hacking community and who owns a non-profit organization called GDI.Foundation, was surprised when he was able to get in without much trouble.

“I thought ‘oh god’ when I logged in,” a translation of Gevers’ statement to the news outlet said. “I just don’t want to be able to get in, especially not with such an important account.”

Gevers also spoke to de Volkskrant, who was able to see evidence showing that the hack took place. While in the profile the hacker said that he didn’t look at any private messages or send any tweets, nor did he change any information while he had access to the account.

“I expected to be blocked after four failed attempts. Or at least would be asked to provide additional information,” he said.

He later alerted the American government and the Secret Service in the Netherlands of the situation. According to correspondence, the agency took the report seriously. Since then, the password has been changed and two-step authentication has been turned on.

But despite the upgraded security, he expressed concern about the ease of getting into Trump’s information.

“Why is it possible for someone from a different time zone to log into such an important account? Why doesn’t Twitter demand better passwords? If I can access his account, then foreign nations can do so as well, right? Why aren’t the persons who are supposed to protect the President informed when someone reports that his account is unsafe?” he asked.

He theorized that Trump’s password was so simple because older people often find long passwords and two-step verification too challenging to navigate.

Gevers said that he chose to attempt to get into Trump’s Twitter after hearing about the controversial reporting on Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. Allegedly, Biden’s laptop was used to recover personal data after an individual was able to guess the password “Hunter02.” But that password seemed incorrect, since it wasn’t one that the younger Biden used anywhere else.

The hacker also said that he checked out the former vice president’s account and former National Security Adviser Susan Rice’s password.

Trump often uses his Twitter account to attack his critics and to speak to the American public in his official capacity. Most recently, he sent off a campaign message warning voters that their 401(K) savings wasn’t safe if Biden was elected, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

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