WWE Rumors: Former Superstar Accuses Company Of Stealing ‘Raw Underground’ Idea From Him

In a recent appearance on the ROH Strong podcast, former WWE superstar EC3 alleged that his former employer stole his idea for a fight club project and turned it into what ultimately became the now-defunct “Raw Underground” weekly segment.

As quoted by Wrestling-Edge on Wednesday, EC3 recalled that when he supposedly pitched his concept to company officials, he knew beforehand that there was a possibility it would be stolen from him in the future. After stating that he’s confident the promotion’s version of his pitch was seen by fans when it was still a regular part of Monday Night Raw‘s third and final hour, he compared his situation to the 1992 movie Wayne’s World.

The Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling star specifically cited the part where Rob Lowe’s villainous character bought the protagonists’ weekly public-access show and made several changes that were not to their liking.

“I was producing this show in Aurora, my basement with my buddy Garth. We’ll call him J.C. in this instance, and then Rob Lowe came in, bought us and when I saw Shane McMahon in the ring, not in a real underground, mine was a real underground. [This] manufactured, heartless, desolate studio, I’m looking at Shane and it felt like when Noah was rapping on Wayne’s World after they bought him out.”

According to Wrestling-Edge, it has also been suggested that the idea for “Raw Underground” might have come from a Detroit organization called Sanctuary Fight Club.

Further commenting on what he thinks about “Raw Underground,” EC3 called the segment “inauthentic,” suggesting that the friend who had helped him come up with the idea was also upset when WWE allegedly stole it. He pointed out, however, that he sees what happened as a “challenge” for him to come up with different concepts, adding that ROH provides him with the opportunity to “control [his] narrative.”

As previously documented by The Inquisitr, rumors suggested late last week that “Raw Underground” quietly got canceled a few weeks after its last installment aired. At the time it was first pulled from the red brand’s programming, it was reported that officials were concerned that many of the NXT and Performance Center extras who appeared on the segment might have been exposed to the novel coronavirus. That same reason purportedly factored into the decision to cancel the project, as officials are trying to reduce the chances of another COVID-19 outbreak taking place within the company.

Since his release from WWE in April, EC3 has been outspoken about how he feels he wasn’t treated properly during his time in the promotion. Less than two weeks after he was let go, he took to Twitter to share a video of himself working out, noting in the caption that getting fired amid the coronavirus pandemic was the “best thing” that could have happened to those who were released.

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