Hillary Clinton Makes $200,000 Speaking Debut In Dallas

Hillary Clinton has made her $200,000 speaking debut at the National Multi-Housing Council in Dallas.

The former Secretary of State, whose speech was not open to press, has kickstarted a new stage in her career – one that has the potential to be highly lucrative.

Hillary Clinton’s $200,000 speaking fee easily outstrips those of husband Bill Clinton (reportedly $150,000 for a one-hour lecture) and former President George W. Bush (who earns an average of $110,000 per speech).

Details of Clinton’s speech, which ended only hours ago, have not yet been reported. Speaking before the event, Jeff Gerth, co-author of Her Way: The Hopes and Ambitions of Hillary Clinton, told Politico:

“I think the expectation can be pretty low, because her value is both as a celebrity and as someone […] quite familiar and conversant on world affairs. And I think she’ll be cautious in whatever she says, which has been her trademark for at least the last couple of decades, ever since she said, ‘I’m not gonna stay home and bake cookies.’ ”

Politico points out that Clinton’s position is unique to that of her husband, who waited until after his presidency before hitting the public speaking circuit. Clinton could have a presidential campaign to run in 2016. As Gerth explains, that means Clinton is unlikely to reveal anything too juicy:

“I think for awhile, the celebrity value is so great that she can sort of cash in on that and people won’t feel disappointed. I would doubt that there are many people who are going to come to this affair who are expecting her to disclose really interesting things.”

What do you think of Hillary Clinton’s $200,000 speaking fee? Is the former first lady and Secretary of State good value?

[Image by Roger H. Goun from Brentwood, NH, USA (Sen. Hillary Clinton) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons]

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