Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Brook Lynn & Valentin Face The Aftermath Of Their Shocking Decision

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Spoilers for Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital promise that viewers will see what comes next with Brook Lynn Quartermaine and Valentin Cassadine. The end of Tuesday’s show certainly took fans by surprise and everybody will be interested in seeing where this goes next.

In recent weeks, Brook Lynn had been furious with Valentin. He took advantage of her desperation to get out of her recording contract with Linc and successfully snagged her ELQ shares. She has torn into him more than once, but things took quite the turn during the last few moments of Tuesday’s episode.

As SheKnows Soaps detailed, Brook Lynn and Valentin both ended up at Charlie’s drinking. They each bemoaned the hardships they have been navigating in their lives, with Valentin noting that he couldn’t be with the one he loves. Brook Lynn, of course, was grieving the loss of her singing career and remained at odds with Ned.

An impromptu kiss took place between the two, and General Hospital spoilers tease that Wednesday’s show will reveal that the two did more than share one kiss at the bar. The sneak peek for the October 21 episode revealed that Brook Lynn and Valentin would end up hitting the sheets together. Everybody will see how the two handle the aftermath of this, and it might not go as many would expect.

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Valentin will tell Brook Lynn that he has no regrets before adding that he hopes she doesn’t have regrets either.

Could there be more frisky encounters ahead for these two? The pairing could certainly shake things up in Port Charles on many levels if they were to team up rather than remain adversaries.

Despite the fact that Nina is with Jax, Valentin remains in love with her. According to General Hospital teasers from Soap Central, he may soon have to accept that he’s lost Nina for good though.

Valentin will again offer to help Nina in her efforts to find her child. However, General Hospital spoilers signal that she’ll brush him off. He’ll soon be vindicated in some sense, although it’s not known if that’s tied to Nina, ELQ, or something else.

In addition, next week Nina will reject Valentin in some way. Will this finally be enough to free him of his undying affection for her and force him to move on, perhaps to Brook Lynn?

General Hospital viewers have been anticipating a romantic match-up for Brook Lynn for months now. Many figured she’d end up with either Chase or Dustin, and it’s unlikely anybody was expecting her to hop in the sack with Valentin.

Now that the two have hooked up, General Hospital fans will be watching to see how this dynamic changes and whether it leads to anything more.