Kamala Harris Dances In The Rain & Twitter Compares It To Donald Trump’s Dancing

Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris and President Donald Trump seem to have Twitter users turning the 2020 election into a dance-off.

Yesterday, during her first day on the campaign trail after a brief hiatus, Harris took a moment to show off her dance skills as the rain fell down in Florida. The light-hearted moments came during a drive-in rally in support of her and former Vice President Joe Biden’s bid for the White House.

Harris held a large navy umbrella and wore a jacket over a light-colored shirt and a pair of skinny jeans, finishing off her outfit with a pair of dark Converse tennis shoes. The senator busted some smooth moves while the Mary J. Blige song “Work That” played in the background.

The scene quickly brought to mind Donald Trump’s dancing to the Village People song “YMCA,” which he first debuted last week during a rally in Florida. The clips quickly went viral as Trump continued to show off his lighter side at his rallies.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the actress who portrayed Elaine Benes on Seinfeld, recently commented on how the president reminded her of her character’s lousy dancing from the show.

“First he stole all of Veep. Now he’s stealing from Seinfeld. Melania deserves an Emmy for acting like she’s attracted to THIS,” she tweeted along with a video featuring the president beside Elaine.

Others took to social media to compare Harris and Trump’s dance moves. A few urged the president to watch the senator so that he can improve his skills.

“First off, Trump would never be in a real dance-off out in the rain. His pretty orange face paint would run. Second, Mrs. Harris is the better dancer,” declared one Twitter user.

“Finally someone with some real moves in politics. Better than watching an Orange dancing bear,” read a second tweet.

“Trump dances and its the audacity of negligence. Kamala dances and its the audacity of hope,” a third person tweeted.

At least one Twitter user called on the United States to decide who wins by holding a dance contest instead of voting.

“We might as well have a dance-off for President since this election is a farce.”

At least a few potential voters weren’t happy to see either Trump or Harris seemingly playing around while citizens had to worry about things like health care in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. Others were upset because they didn’t feel that the lighthearted moments from either candidate did anything to improve the issues facing voters in the upcoming election.

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