Donald Trump Is Sleep Deprived And It’s Impacting His Performance, New Study Claims

Sleep deprivation can have a large impact on the health and behavior of an individual, as past studies have shown. But a new study on sleep and performance looked at just one individual: the President of the United States. The findings show Donald Trump may be suffering from sleep deprivation and, when he doesn’t get enough sleep, it impacts his performance.

“President Trump’s frequent use of social media provides an unprecedented window into one of the world’s most impactful sleepers,” a study by Columbia University published in the journal Economics Letters read.

Trump’s Twitter use provides insight into when he is awake, allowing the researchers to look at his subsequent actions the following day. They used data since Trump took office in 2017 to track when he posted and found that, as time has progressed, he has been up later.

“We make comparisons across the roughly 1200 nights since the President’s inauguration, inferring which nights he slept less. The President is thus compared only to himself, as large variation in the (unobserved) sleep needs across people would suggest,” the study said.

The results conclude that he has been averaging fewer than six hours of rest in recent days.

“The President appears to be sleeping substantially less as his first term has progressed,” it was noted.

The result of this apparent reduction in sleep is he seems to have a reduction in his performance. They noted people were more likely to bet he would lose re-election on nights that he got less shut-eye. His tweets after fewer hours of sleep also seem to get less engagement, with fewer likes and replies on average.

Additionally, Trump seems to be less happy and more angry when he appears in public after a late night.

What it doesn’t seem to impact is whether or not Trump tweets false information.

The research suggested the White House can use this information to be aware of Trump’s behavior.

“If the President’s sleep has fallen below his optimum – and indeed perhaps well below his optimum – this provides context for interpreting the frequent official communications and policy announcements from the Executive Branch,” the research said.

The news comes on the heels of numerous other thought pieces that express concern about Trump’s behavior as the 2020 race rapidly approaches its conclusion.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, conservative pundit Richard North Patterson warned that Trump is a danger to the country as he continues to unravel and should be removed.

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