President Trump Dragged On Twitter After Putting A Couple Of Bills Into Church Collection Plate

President Donald Trump was dragged on Twitter after a video emerged Sunday afternoon of him putting a couple of bills into a church collection plate hours earlier, HuffPost reported.

On Sunday, the president campaigned in Nevada, and while there attended services at the International Church of Las Vegas. As the collection basket made the rounds, the president could be seen on video pulling some money from his pocket and fanning the bills before dropping them in the plate.

The video, which can be seen below, shows Trump readying an unclear number of $20 bills that he eventually dropped in the plate.

Twitter users immediately took Trump to task for the event, for a variety of reasons.

One user, for example, was quick to claim that the president was doing it for the attention.

“Making sure the camera sees all the bills,” they tweeted.

Others got in digs at the money itself.

“Thats how i count money when a stripper gets off stage,” one Twitter user wrote

Another tweet connected the matter of the offering to the president’s tax issues.

“It’s probably campaign donation money, or maybe money leftover from the Trump Foundation that was closed by NY courts for being a self serving sham.”

A separate Twitter user also referenced the president’s finances, noting that he has some “bills coming due,” in reference to the purported $400 million to $1 billion Trump purportedly owes various creditors.

Another user pointed out that the collection process in most churches differed from the way Trump participated in it, tweeting that most congregants have their offerings ready and placed into an envelope before the collection basket comes by, rather than dropping in random bills.

Another tweet took the church itself to task for hosting Trump in the first place, using the words of Jesus in the New Testament to call the leaders of the congregation “hypocrites” and a “brood of vipers.”

A different Twitter user pointed out the fact that the president rarely goes to church, while Joe Biden attends Mass every Sunday. Further, the same commenter noted that the president was not wearing a mask, even though he’d tested positive for COVID-19 just two weeks ago.

However, other users came to the president’s defense.

“The man can’t even give an offering without you clowns having a problem with it. How ungodly are you for worrying about how much he gave. That’s between him and God,” one person tweeted.

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