Tiffany Trump Under Fire For Lavish Parties In Miami Without Social Distancing To Celebrate 27th Birthday

Tiffany Trump is facing growing criticism for holding a series of lavish parties in Miami to celebrate her 27th birthday, events where there were reportedly little efforts taken to observe social distancing.

As People magazine reported on Friday, witnesses who saw the daughter of President Donald Trump celebrating with pals said that she and a group of eight other friends hit up trendy restaurant Komodo on Sunday. The source said that the gathering, which took place just a little more than a week after her father was hospitalized during a bout with coronavirus, did not seem to include many precautions to stop the spread of the virus.

“They don’t have to wear masks at the table which is socially distanced in the dining room, but her group of friends were all cozy and close together,” the person said.

Another source added that the festivities moved on from there, hitting up more Miami hot spots.

“Tiffany was smiling and laughing and having a great time while sipping Dom Perignon and posing for pictures with her pals,” the unnamed source told the outlet.

“Later in the evening, her friends offered a toast by singing ‘Hava Nagila’ and other rousing Israeli party songs.”

As People magazine pointed out, Tiffany’s birthday celebration had already attracted some viral attention after a group opposed to Trump called Meidas Touch compiled a video of the lavish celebrations. It spliced in clips of Tiffany speaking at this year’s Republican National Convention, saying that she understood the pain and economic difficulties that many Americans have faced during the pandemic.

The video attracted some viral attention and scrutiny both for Tiffany and the state of Florida, which recently relaxed restrictions and allowed bars and restaurants to reopen at full capacity. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has been a vocal supporter of the president, has come under fire for his state’s reaction to the pandemic and for what critics see as inadequate measures to stop its spread. As the Tampa Bay Times reported, the number of coronavirus cases has been rising steadily during the month of October, and on Thursday the state reported 3,356 new cases, its highest total in weeks.

Tiffany, unlike her older siblings, has mostly stayed out of the spotlight and avoided political battles. The recent Georgetown University law school graduate did speak at the RNC this year, but she does not regularly appear at campaign rallies like the older Trump children, most notably Donald Trump Jr.

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