Reporter Stops Kisses From Two Girls During Bomb Report [Video]

Journalist Mike Tobin was not in the mood for kisses. The Fox News reporter stopped two girls from kissing him while he was reporting on the Boston Bombing last.

Tobin was describing the explosions that occurred at the finish line of the Boston Marathon when two girls approached him and tried to give him a kiss on the cheek.

Tobin was saying: “He left quickly, but calmly to the west. Ten seconds later the second explosion went off, according to the FBI, at the location where he dropped the second bag.”

And then the girls come in. Field reporters have to deal with all sorts of non-sense but that typically happens outside sporting events where there are drunken fans all around. This took place in Boston shortly after the bombing.

Tobin probably wasn’t expecting to get harassed on the job that day but he manage to handle it like a pro.

The reporter stopped the kisses with a double arm shove and a polite “please don’t do that.” And then continued on with his report without as much as a smile.

Really, it was pretty masterful.

Here’s a look at Mike Tobin stopping two girls from kissing him on live TV.

What do you think of Tobin’s reaction? He saw it coming, braced himself, then blocked the kisses with reporter-like strength.

Bravo, Mike. Bravo.

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