Senator Comes Out And Social Media Loves Him

A Nevada Senator who came out during an emotional debate on gay marriage is winning new fans and followers, and not just in his home state. Kelvin Atkinson was catapulted into the national news on Monday night, after a debate in the Nevada Senate where he announced:

“I’m black. I’m gay — I know this is the first time many of you have heard me say that. I am a black, gay male.”

In the aftermath of his emotional speech, the Senate voted 12 to nine to reveal a previous ban on gay marriage. That clears the way for Nevada to start the ball rolling in order to get a gay marriage amendment to the constitution added to the state ballot in 2016.

Sen. Kelvin Atkinson, a Democrat from North Las Vegas, is a young single father with an active presence in social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The Chicago-born senator has served in the Nevada legislature for over ten years.

Although new to the national scene, he seems to have a natural gift for using social media to establish a feeling of warmth and connectedness with his constituents.

There’s even an Instagram photo of the senator posted to his katkinson702 account which shows him relaxing in the hot tub with his pet dog. Awwwww.

What pet lover wouldn’t identify with that?

Twitter loves him, especially in the aftermath of his unusual Senate coming out.

Facebook loves him too, with comments like this one from poster Michael Rondeau: ” A true leader! If only more of our senate had half of his courage, maybe the country wouldn’t be so screwed up. Standing up for what’s right and not what is lining their pockets.”

Another frequent theme is echoed by Helen Caddes: “Senator Atkinson is awesome, brave and good lookin’! ”

[hot gay senator phone photo courtesy Kelvin Atkinson via Facebook]
[Senator Kelvin Atkinson campaign photo via Facebook]

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