Father Sentenced To Life For Starving His Son To Death

Dallas, TX – A Texas man has been sentenced to life in prison for starving his young son to death. The jury took less than an hour to convict and took less than 20 minutes to determine the punishment.

In 2011, remains were recovered from a rural creek in Ellis County and later identified as 10-year old Johnathan Ramsey (some reports have his age listed as 11). Investigators contend Aaron Ramsey, the child’s father, dumped his son’s sleeping bag wrapped body there six months to a year before it was discovered.

Aaron, 35, limited rations of food and water as a form of punishment, inflicted upon his son because the child had started to misbehave, violently acting out, according to his dad. The child was often locked in his room and placed on a strict diet of bread and water.

The child’s biological mother, Judy Williams, who lives in New Mexico, as well as other relatives, reported not seeing the child for months, saying they would be blown off or ignored when they tried to make contact. Eventually, the boy’s grandfather, Edward Ramsey, alerted authorities and filed a missing child report. He told police he’d not seen Johnathan in over a year.

When questioned, Aaron and his wife, Elizabeth, first told police the child had gone to live with his biological mother. After several conflicting accounts were made, they later confessed and admitted to starving the boy on Aaron’s version of “military rations.”

The couple claimed Johnathan’s behavior had been out of control, alleging the boy had caused his step-mother’s miscarriage after hitting her in the stomach. After the miscarriage, they started limiting Johnathan’s food and confining him to his bedroom.

The boy was found unresponsive on his bedroom floor several months later. Reports state the boy had lost 30 pounds prior to his death, weighing only 60 pounds. Aaron redressed the boy in his favorite T-shirt, placed him in a sleeping bag, and disposed of his body in a remote area.

The child’s step-mother is also facing charges in Johnathan’s death.

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