Will Tom Bergeron Return To 'DWTS'? 'That Train Has Left The Station,' He Says

Victoria Miller

Tom Bergeron is making it clear he's out of steam when it comes to Dancing with the Stars. The veteran TV host had a final-sounding response when an influential fan begged him to return to the ABC celebrity ballroom competition.

In a post on her Instagram stories, popular social media influencer Jessica Madison got Bergeron's attention when she tagged him in one of her posts.

The exchange started when Madison first complained about new DWTS host and executive producer Tyra Banks after the show's '80s theme week, which included a record three outfit changes for the supermodel.

"I didn't think it was possible for Tyra Banks to be any more irritating but then they went ahead and did 80's night," Madison noted. "It's too much with the outfit changes and the strutting around. She trying too hard. I can't. I miss Tom."

Madison then begged the Emmy-winning host to return to the show he helmed for 28 glitter-filled seasons.

"@tombergeron PLEASE COME BACK! I'll pay you $65!" she wrote.

The busy influencer later interrupted her story with breaking news to reveal that Bergeron messaged her back on Instagram with an answer.

"Unfortunately, it's not good news," she said. " I don't think he's coming back. Freakin' Tyra Banks!"

She then shared screenshots of her exchange with the veteran DWTS emcee.

"Sixty Five Whole Bucks? Hmm," Bergeron responded.

Madison then upped her offer by telling Bergeron she would give him a full $100 if he would return to the Dancing with the Stars ballroom.

"WE NEED YOU BACK!" she wrote.

"Ha! You're too generous," Bergeron replied.

"Unfortunately that train has left the station."

The social media star then poked fun at Banks' final '80s Night getup -- a glittery green tracksuit suit paired with a yellow bucket hat -- as she questioned if Bergeron would have done three outfit changes and ended the night looking like that.

Sadly, it does seem that Bergeron's departure is final, despite ongoing pleas from fans to bring him back.

The longtime ABC star previously told fans his long reign on the series was a "career highlight," but that his Dancing days were behind him. He also jokingly referred to his former series as Footwork with the Famous instead of using its real name.