Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian Has A Question For Nikolas & Anna Makes A Decision

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday’s episode signal that significant questions will cause conflicts in a number of dynamics throughout Port Charles. Ava is in a tough spot thanks to Ryan, and Julian is feeling anxious about this. The sneak peek shared via Twitter indicates that Finn and Anna will exchange heated words, and Nina’s got some questions for someone as well.

Ava told Julian about the letter that Ryan received and now they’re both trying to figure out how to handle this mess. General Hospital teasers for the October 13 show indicate that Ava will visit Ryan at Pentonville again, and she’ll present an alternative option to him.

She doesn’t want to see her brother exposed for his involvement in the baby switch, but she doesn’t want to walk away from her marriage to Nikolas empty-handed, either. It seems that she’ll come up with what she will think is a solution that keeps Ryan happy without giving up too much herself.

While Ava tries to handle this, Nikolas will stop by Charlie’s. General Hospital spoilers detail that he’ll talk with Julian, but it doesn’t look as if either man is necessarily pleased by having the conversation. Julian will ask how Nikolas can stop caring for Ava, and Nik looks a little perplexed by this.

It seems that Nina will be at Charlie’s as well. She’ll ask if someone is “stalking” her, but it doesn’t sound as if this is a serious question. Whomever it is she talks with at the pub, General Hospital teasers from SheKnows Soaps share that she will soon offer to help somebody.

Everybody will see a bit of Anna and Finn during Tuesday’s episode, too. Unfortunately, it appears that there may be something of an argument ahead. Anna will say something that sparks some anger in Finn, as he’ll tell her that he doesn’t need protecting. Could this be about Jackie?

Jackie will meet with Chase, and she’ll express some concern about him ending up caught in “friendly fire.” This might have to do with the possibility that he’ll feel stuck between his mom and his brother, and General Hospital teasers hint that there’s much more to come with this dynamic.

Maxie will be bold in some way while Peter will express worries about being able to do something. Sasha will be feeling the pressure as Lucy makes a big move with Deception, and it looks as if she may turn to drugs once again to handle it.

Tuesday’s show will cover a lot of ground, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that there are shockers on the way with some of these storylines. The action is really heating up in Port Charles, and fans can’t wait to see what’s next.

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