‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Tuesday: Lucy Puts Pressure On Sasha

The General Hospital previews for Tuesday’s show reveal Lucy Coe is gearing up for potential buyers for Deception. She is ready to make a “deal of a lifetime,” as she said in the sneak peek. That means the stakes are higher than ever. That also means Sasha Gilmore needs to be on her best behavior to be able to make a huge impression as the face of the company.

A few months ago, Sasha may have been able to handle all the pressure of being Deception’s main girl. However, these days she can’t seem to get through life’s stresses without a little cocaine, which she has been using more and more frequently.

According to spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, things may not go very well in the next couple of days as Sasha ends up disappointing Lucy. That sounds like something happens during the meetings that will cause some ruckus.

It’s very likely that Sasha will get high right before the presentation in order to get through and that may have her fumbling. Lucy is not one to mince words at all. If that should happen, she will not be happy with Sasha. No one knows of Sasha’s drug problem in Port Charles, but fans think she will likely overdose one of these days and that will change things up for those who care about her. On Wednesday, spoilers tease Sasha will be feeling helpless as well.

Brook Lynn Quartermaine is also a big part of this meeting. She was hired to be the voice of Deception, but her run in with Nelle Benson left her unable to sing right now. Last week, she asked Amy if she could help her out by singing in her place so she can just get through this one time and not disappoint anyone. However, things may not go as planned for her either.

More spoilers for Wednesday’s episode suggest Brook Lynn is put in an awkward position. Will someone figure out she isn’t the one actually singing?

Sasha’s ongoing drug problem has fans wondering when she will end up in some serious trouble. With that much pressure seemingly put on her by Lucy, and Michael and Willow’s relationship getting stronger every day, her life is taking a downward spiral that could have deadly consequences.

Monday’s General Hospital was interrupted in the first 15 minutes by the Supreme Court nominee hearings. According to The Inquisitr, that made fans extremely unhappy since they weren’t able to see what happened during that time. ABC did end up returning to the soap, but there is a possibility the hearings may affect more episodes this week as well.

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