WWE Rumors: Superstar Reportedly Went Undrafted Because Vince McMahon ‘Doesn’t Give A Sh*t’ About Him

With WWE’s most recent draft having wrapped up shortly after this week’s Monday Night Raw, Andrade was among the few superstars who was not selected by either one of the promotion’s two main roster brands. According to a new report, it appears that there was a simple, yet harsh reason why company chairman Vince McMahon chose to let the Mexican wrestler go undrafted.

On Tuesday, Ringside News cited unnamed sources within WWE, claiming that it was “explicitly” told by these insiders that McMahon “doesn’t give a sh*t” about Andrade, hence his current status as a free agent. Although this frees him up to join either Raw or SmackDown at any time, the publication noted that there are fans who believe he might return to NXT, given how the black-and-gold brand has been dealing with numerous injuries to its top stars. In recent weeks, Ridge Holland, Kyle O’Reilly, and NXT Champion Finn Balor have all been sidelined for one reason or another, with Holland, in particular, expected to be out of commission for several months.

This isn’t the first time that rumors have pointed to McMahon not being a fan of Andrade. Although the red brand’s former executive director, Paul Heyman, was firmly behind his tag team with Angel Garza, Dave Meltzer reported last month on Wrestling Observer Radio that the chairman didn’t “necessarily see a lot” in the duo, adding that Andrade would likely be the forgotten member of the team in the event they split up.

Andrade walks to the ring on an episode of SmackDown Live.

As Andrade and Garza recently ended their in-ring partnership, the two men faced each other in singles action on this week’s Raw, with Garza picking up the easy win. Ringside News wrote that this could lend credence to the new rumor about McMahon not caring about the former NXT Champion.

As further pointed out by the outlet, Andrade has “a lot to offer” in the ring and has made a genuine effort to improve his English to the point where he could cut a promo in the language.

“The last part should be enough for anyone to respect Andrade because a second language is one of the hardest things anyone can learn. It didn’t seem to change Vince McMahon’s view of him.”

As reported by WrestlingNews.co, Andrade and Mickie James are the only superstars in the two WWE Draft pools who have yet to be assigned to a brand as of Tuesday morning. Zelina Vega, Tamina, Billie Kay, and Viking Raiders member Erik were also undrafted right after the second night of the event, though all four were ultimately signed as free agents.