Amazing LEGO Oil Rig Stands 3 Feet High, Weighs 92 Pounds

One man has spent three months building one of the most impressive LEGO projects I’ve ever seen.

Flickr user Tobias Vogt has uploaded images of this incredible oil rig, as built entirely from LEGO bricks.

The numbers in this project are pretty stunning: The structure stands three-and-a-half feet (1.1 meters) high and almost exactly the same width. It weighs a whopping 92 pounds (42kg).

No word on how many bricks it contains (or the cost, which I don’t even want to consider), but the pipes alone are made using approximately 1,500 1×1 round bricks and 600 2×2 round bricks. Together, those bricks alone would be over 16 meters long. Yeesh.

Oh, and the crane can lift up to 500 grams of weight.

Which brings me onto yet another impressive part of this build: as well as featuring hand rails, handrails, lifeboats, and a helipad, the interior features rooms based on a real oil refinery.

That means there’s a “Catalytic Reformer” and an “FCC Feed Hydrotreater” section, whatever those are.

You can see more photos of Tobias’ amazing work below, and also here. This makes me want to learn about obscure oil refinery processes!

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