‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers Weekly Preview Video: Dina’s Goodbye

Marla Adams attends CBS Daytime Emmy Awards After Party at Pasadena Convention Center.
Leon Bennett / Getty Images

An emotional The Young and the Restless spoilers weekly preview video for October 12 through 16 teases Dina’s final farewell. In a poignant mix of clips, the footage showcases the decades of Dina on the CBS daytime drama and actress Marla Adams bidding the show goodbye.

Adams first appeared as Dina on May 27, 1983. In a flashback, John Abbott (Jerry Douglas) wondered what Dina was doing in his home. She firmly proclaimed that she was Madame Mergeron. She’d returned to town to try and buy Abbott Cosmetics, and she’d attempted to keep her identity hidden, but it was eventually revealed.

Throughout her years in Genoa City, Dina proved herself a rebel. She had three children, and one of them — Ashley (Eileen Davidson) — wasn’t John’s. Brent Davis was Ashley’s father, but Dina had no qualms about denying him the opportunity to raise her. She even used a handgun to make her point.

A tearful Dina explained to Ashley that sometimes people made mistakes, but she reminded her daughter that if she’d never cheated on John with Brent, then Ashley wouldn’t exist. Dina refused to apologize for Ashley’s existence, but learning she wasn’t John’s daughter certainly pulled the rug out from under Ashley.

A few years ago, after some time abroad, Dina returned to her family. Unfortunately, she had a big announcement to make — she had Alzheimer’s disease. Jack (Peter Bergman), Ashley, and Traci (Beth Maitland) harbored deeply held anger and resentment toward their mother because she’d left them when they were little. However, Dina’s return for the end of her days helped her three children come to terms with all the decades of pain they’d suffered due to her actions.

Ultimately, Jack, Ashley, and Traci pulled together to help make their mom’s final years happy ones. The time certainly wasn’t without arguments over how to care for her, and she did spend some time in a care facility. They recently moved her back into the Abbott mansion to help her pass from this life surrounded by loved ones.

By the end of the week, Dina loses her battle with Alzheimer’s, and her children, while sad, also celebrate her life. Traci declares that she lived a huge and amazing life. Jack proclaims that their mom lived well.

In an unusual moment for a weekly preview, Y&R also showed the final moment that Adams spent on set. A masked man handed her a beautiful bouquet while everyone clapped and cheered for her. The cast and crew wore masks because of coronavirus pandemic precautions, and Adams sat on the couch and thanked everyone for the memories.