Donald Trump’s Campaign Has Given Joe Biden ‘Multiple Pathways To Victory,’ CNN Reporter Says

With less than a month until the 2020 election, CNN reporter Eric Bradner argued on Saturday that Donald Trump’s campaign has offered Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden “multiple pathways to victory.”

Bradner pointed to recent polling the showed Biden with a significant lead over Trump both nationally and in the battleground states of Florida, Michigan, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and North Carolina. Notably, the reporter said Biden would have a good chance of passing 270 electoral votes, the number required to win the presidency, by winning just three or four of these regions.

Guy Cecil, the head of the pro-Biden super PAC Priorities USA, told the publication that Trump is failing to attract the new voters necessary to provide him a road to 270 electoral votes. According to Cecil, the entire electoral map has shifted in favor of Biden.

The CNN piece also emphasized that Democratic Senate challengers are leading their Republican opponents in North Carolina, Maine, Iowa, Colorado, and Arizona. In addition, Democratic candidates have shown surprisingly tough competition in red states like Kansas and South Carolina, while both Senate races in Georgia could head into runoffs.

“Biden, meanwhile, is in a comfortable position,” the piece read. “His campaign this week rolled out a video from former first lady Michelle Obama making a ‘closing argument’ against Trump, and touted the endorsement of singer Taylor Swift, potentially lending the former vice president cultural cachet among younger voters.”

Bradner went on to note that Trump’s campaign has pulled its ads in Iowa and Ohio, and reigned in spending in other Midwestern battlegrounds that were key to his win against Hillary Clinton in 2016. Conversely, Biden’s campaign has been propelled by record-breaking fundraising and continues to funnel money into Iowa and Texas.

According to Trump campaign spokeswoman Samantha Zager, the decreased spending is not a concern for the president’s re-election effort.

“President Trump and his campaign are extremely confident about our chances in these states. We have been talking directly with voters for years via multiple avenues about the success of President Trump’s America First agenda. Unlike Joe Biden, campaign ads aren’t the only way we know how to campaign.”

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz recently warned that the 2020 election could be a major loss for Republicans and likened the scenario to their loss following Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal — one of the most devastating for the party in American history. Cruz called on Trump and the Republican Party to address the economic difficulties facing millions of Americans amid the coronavirus pandemic. His comments came as talks for another stimulus package for the country have come to a halt.

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