Tucker Carlson Says There Is ‘Now An Enormous Amount Of Evidence’ That UFOs Are Real

Fox News host Tucker Carlson used Friday’s edition of his program to again touch on the purported evidence that supposedly proves the existence of UFOs, The Wrap reported.

“We used to be defensive on this topic, but there’s no reason to be. There is now an enormous amount of evidence, including physical evidence, that UFOs — whatever they are — are real. Why don’t we know a lot more about this? Because the government has hidden that information from us, outrageously,” he said.

The host pointed to a new documentary called The Phenomenon and played a clip from the film in which former Democratic Sen. Harry Reid claimed that the government is hiding physical evidence of the existence of UFOs.

“It’s outrageous,” Carlson said after the video.

The political commentator highlighted Reid’s claim that UFOs have repeatedly interfered with the United States’ nuclear weapons capabilities before jumping into another clip that outlined purported evidence of UFO origins. In particular, the video spotlighted metal debris collected by Dr. Jacque Vallee that allegedly come from UFO cases that date back as far as 1974. According to Vallee, the metal is unlike any known to man — “not natural” to Earth materials — and was “manufactured” by someone or something.

Later in the show, Carlson spoke with James Fox, the documentary’s director, as well as former Defense Department official Christopher Mellon, who previously praised proposed U.S. Navy rules intended to make UFO sightings easier to report. Notably, Fox delved deeper into Reid’s claim that UFOs were interfering with nuclear weapons capabilities and, in some cases, turning off missiles altogether.

“He went as far as even saying that if the president had called upon, to launch the missiles on several occasions, they couldn’t have done it. The missiles were deactivated.”

Mellon said that Vallee is one of the “foremost” private researchers examining the alleged UFO materials, which are reportedly being sent to multiple labs for analysis and peer review.

“But the gist of it is that those materials were engineered at an atomic level,” Mellon said, noting that humans do not yet have the capability for this kind of engineering.

Carlson has made multiple pivots to UFOs throughout the run of his show and has also touched on the topic on other networks. As The Inquisitr reported, the pundit appeared on an episode of the History Channel program Ancient Aliens and said that a source within the U.S. government claimed that it possesses physical evidence that alien aircraft have either landed or crash-landed on Earth.

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