‘Big Brother’ Host Julie Chen Reveals Who She Thinks Has Best And Worst Shot Of Winning ‘All-Stars’

Julie Chen promo photo for Big Brother

Thursday night saw the cast of Big Brother: All-Stars dwindle down to just five houseguests after Tyler Crispen was unanimously voted out of the house. It’s down to Cody Calafiore, Nicole Franzel, Memphis Garrett, Christmas Abbott, and Enzo Palumbo and one will nab the $500,000 prize come October 28.

After every eviction, host Julie Chen sits down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss the week’s events and the houseguest who had been sent packing. Now that the series is winding down and there are only five players left, the Chenbot is revealing who she thinks has the best and worst chance of taking home the first-place prize.

“Nicole is in the worst spot. I don’t see anyone handing half a mil to a former winner who has not won any competitions yet. Cody is in the best spot. He is so good at competitions and he has a final 2 deal with everyone but Christmas,” she said.

Cody has been working most closely with Nicole the entire game, a strategy many feel is smart because she is the most unlikely to win the game if she makes it to the finale.

Nicole Franzel and Cody Calafiore hug on Big Brother

“Many people feel when Cody honored his word to Derrick [Levasseur] and evicted Victoria [Rafaeli], he also kissed half a mil goodbye. The feeling was that Cody could have handily beat Victoria to win the game, and he knew it, but he chose to evict her and keep his friend Derrick,” she continued.

Julie went on to say Cody did the “noble thing” in his Big Brother debut, and that move might mean this is his year to take it home.

Cody had been a member of the strongest alliance, The Committee, which is in the process of disbanding as two of its founding members have been sent packing. The only player still left in the house who was not a member of the alliance was Enzo, someone the viewer’s think also has a good chance of winning All-Stars.

Julie doesn’t agree with some of the viewers on this one. She also told EW that the New Jersey native doesn’t have a strong enough win record to get respect from the jury in form of their votes. She believes Enzo’s best chances of taking home the victory would come should he be sitting next to Christmas on finale night. Julie said he is more popular with the first five jurors, as Christmas would have a hard time finding a friend in that group right now.