‘You’ll Be The Death Of Me’ Rom-Com Slasher Lands At Lionsgate

You’ll Be the Death of Me has sold for mid six-figures to Lionsgate and Summit, according to a Tuesday report from Deadline.

The website noted that scribe Mark Hammer’s work will be produced by the same group behind zom-com Warm Bodies, Mandeville Films. Whether you think that different take on the zombie sub-genre worked critically, it connected with audiences managing to scare up $113.4 million worldwide and winning the top spot its opening weekend.

Box Office Mojo noted that Warm Bodies‘ budget came in at approximately $35 million, so this was a substantial hit for Mandeville, and You’ll Be the Death of Me sounds like it’s right up their alley.

Hammer’s previous script, Two Night Stand, was named to the 2011 Black List, and is now in post-production for a 2013 release, according to IMDb.

Directed by Max Nichols, the romantic comedy focused on two people sharing a one-night stand, who through a snowstorm, are forced to make it two. Given this strong rom-com footing, Hammer’s latest effort should be at least halfway there.

The plot of You’ll Be the Death of Me goes something like this: Nothing can spoil falling in love in New York City, but a masked, knife-wielding psychopath hell bent on keeping you single can certainly make falling in love more difficult.

Still way too early to tell who will be directing and starring, but since spec sales of this magnitude are somewhat of a rarity, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this one fast-tracked.

Here’s a look at Mandeville’s Warm Bodies:

While horror and comedy combos are nothing new — see Scary Movie 5 — rom-com and slasher movies are rare hybrids, though not completely unthinkable.

Standouts of the mashup include Idle Hands and Psychos in Love, the latter of which is 10 different types of stupid and currently available on Amazon Instant Video if you’re feeling adventurous.

Do you think You’ll Be the Death of Me sounds like a winner?