Worst Job Of 2013? Hint: You Won’t Read About It In The Paper

What’s the worst job you can imagine? CareerCast has put out their “Worst Jobs of 2013” list, and some of the entries sure do surprise.

Topping the list are lumberjack, oil rig operator, and meter reader, but the very worst job you could possibly have in 2013?

Newspaper reporter.

The list was put together using “income, stress, and ‘relevance in today’s workforce,'” hence the major drop in your humble gumshoe print reporters. Newsrooms around the country are shrinking, budgets are dropping, and competition from guys like me (typing this in my pajamas at 3 pm, no less) are killing the print business.

And before you wax philosophical about the good old days of honest reporting in your local news, look at yourself! Where are you reading this article right now? From a laptop? Smartphone? The fact of the matter is that the news cycle has become 24/7 worldwide and deadline-laden publications just can’t keep up with your appetite for breaking news and the ease with which you can get it.

Rochelle Gilken, a former crime reporter for the Palm Beach Post, thought that being a newspaper reporter was a dream job. But after six years in the game, Gilken figured out that the pay, the stress and the difficulty for advancement just weren’t worth it.

“I had aspirations to get bigger and better newspaper jobs, but the opportunity to climb the ladder disappeared as newspapers cut back, which was very discouraging,” she says.

“I always wanted to travel to cover the big stories, like the Olympics, but the money to allow for that just wasn’t there and wasn’t coming back.”

So what are the best jobs of 2013? Actuary, followed by biomedical engineer, financial planner and dental hygienist. Additionally, bookbinders, typesetters, and telephone operators have all but disappeared from the job market.

No hard feeling, fellas.

What do you think the worst job of 2013 is? You can read the complete list and see if your occupation made the cut here.

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