Fisherman Shoots Harpoon Into His Brain And Survives

A Brazilian fisherman shot himself in the face with a harpoon on Sunday evening but miraculously survived the ordeal even though it almost went entirely through his brain and skull.

Bruno Carcellos de Souza Coutinho was attempting to clean his gun and fishing gear on Sunday went it accidentally went off in his hand and fired a foot-long spear into his head.

The weapon then went through his left eye and traveled six inches into his skull, lodging in his brain in the process.

Somehow, Coutinho managed to stay conscious throughout the entire ordeal, even managing to ask for assistance and contact his aunt.

However, his original plan was to sit back, relax, and wait for the wound to heal, but his auntie decided to call the the emergency services, who were located in the city of Petropolis, near Rio de Janeiro.

Surgeons at the local hospital then removed the spear from his face, but this only occurred over 10 hours after the incident had taken place. The 34-year-old then learned that he had miraculously not suffered any brain damage at all because of the attack.

Coutinho has even been able to keep his eyeball; however, he has lost the sight in his left eye, and he has undergone reconstructive surgery on his face to keep his looks intact.

Coutinho is now in the hospital’s intensive care unit and is waiting to make a full recovery before heading back into the ocean. Hopefully, he will be more aware of the weapon the next time he cleans it.

This ordeal occurred only days after a man shot himself in the leg in Oconee County, South Carolina. The man was removing a revolver from his trousers when it discharged into his leg. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Do you think you would be as calm as Bruno Carcellos de Souza Coutinho if you shot a harpoon into your skull?

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