Mike Pence’s Debate Strategy Is Lying ‘A Lot,’ Reporter Says

Ahead of Wednesday’s vice presidential debate, Mother Jones reporter Tim Murphy argued that Mike Pence’s debate strategy thus far in his career involves lying “a lot.”

The columnist pointed to the 2016 vice-presidential debates to support his argument and suggested that this tactic would resurface at Wednesday’s event against 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Kamala Harris.

“Over and over again, to the visible frustration of his Democratic opponent, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, Pence returned to the same circular tactic when confronted with his own nominee’s words. First, a disappointed shake of the head and a flat-out denial, then a denial that he was in denial, and finally a vigorous promise to defend Trump should he ever be presented with anything the candidate actually said.”

Although Murphy argued that the Pence-Harris debate would not likely be earth-shattering or memorable, he noted that it could still be “revealing.”

“His 2016 performance foreshadowed the ways in which nearly every Republican official—even the ones most critical of Trump—would learn to fall in line by feigning ignorance.”

As the columnist noted, Pence denied many of the positions he publicly took in the past, including support for privatizing Social Security and opposition to the minimum wage. In addition, the writer highlighted that Pence refused to admit to the reality of many of the comments made by then-presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Murphy also discussed Pence’s habit of shaking his head and refusing to admit the truth of his opponent’s statements — even if presented with evidence of their veracity.

According to CNN, Harris’ strategy for Pence is not to focus on the vice president but instead to target Trump and his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, which has sent the virus ravaging through the White House in recent days. Nevertheless, the publication claimed that Harris has spoken to people who have known Pence and have debated him, and also studied both the vice president and Trump’s past political positions.

An aide for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden claimed that the debate’s true focus is Trump and the Democrat. In particular, he claimed Harris’ goal is to argue the United States needs Biden due to Trump’s failure.

According to sources cited by CNN, Pence intends to attack Harris for her purportedly far-left beliefs, as well as her criminal justice record as former California attorney general.

As The Inquisitr reported, the debate will be 90 minutes long and takes place at 6:00 p.m. PDT / 9:00 p.m. EDT in Kingsbury Hall, Salt Lake City, Utah.

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