Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Has Surgery After WrestleMania

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson made his triumphant return to the ring last month for WWE’s WrestleMania. And then, shortly afterward, he was rushed to the hospital to have emergency surgery.

According to E! Online, the wrestler had an emergency hernia operation on April 22. The wrestler / actor had to miss the premiere of his new movie, Pain Gain, for the surgery.

The Rock wrote on Twitter: “Saw my Dr who had to push my intestines back thru the tear in my abdomen. Kinda romantic. Surgery is next week. #BringItOn.”

The Rock met John Cena in the ring on April 7 during WrestleMania 29. Johnson said that he tore his abdomen during the fight.

The Rock wrote on Twitter the day after his injury: “In the middle of last night’s Wrestlemania match I tore my abdomen abductor muscles off the bone. Just part of the job… But as we know…It’s all about #JustBringIt. WWE Universe, THANK YOU for all the love well wishes. Means everything to me. #LeaveItAllInTheRing.”

The Rock isn’t the only one with a “Leave It All In The Ring” attitude. Triple H suffered second degree burns after he was hit with dry ice during his entrance at WrestleMania. Triple H and The Rock both continued to fight after their injuries.

The Rock’s movie, Pain Gain, will hit theaters this weekend.

The wrestler / actor is also scheduled to appear in the 6th installment of the Fast And Furious series.