Poet Writes ‘Vogue’ Tribute To Kamala Harris On Night Of Vice Presidential Debate

With the first presidential debate in the rearview mirror, Americans have geared up for the debate between current Vice President Mike Pence and democratic nominee Sen. Kamala Harris. In a recent piece for Vogue magazine, poet Tracy K. Smith wrote a dedication to Harris, highlighting an historic moment for the potential vice president, not just for women, but for Black women especially.

“One call is for institutions and communities to do more to hear and heed the perspectives of Black people and people of color in their midst. These voices and perspectives — our voices, our perspectives — are key to harvesting the many opportunities alive within American democracy. But our nation must do the work of drawing near and listening,” the poet wrote.

The writer went on to note that it’s “never been easy” for Black women in this country, adding that those who have “endured” did so a “great personal risk.”

“Unfounded as they are, today’s partisan attacks against Harris belong to an age-old tradition of threat and intimidation designed to silence and distort voices of truth and dissent,” Smith continued.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Donald Trump said at a recent rally that Harris would be an “insult” to the U.S. should she become the first female president, saying that nobody liked her and that she was “farther left” than progressive Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The writer also further explained the high “stakes” in the current election, calling on voters to head to the polls for significant change since the election of Trump in 2016 and saying she felt the “light” of a new age coming.

Vogue also published a link to the story to their Instagram feed, with a photo of the California senator in a 2018 portrait for the publication.

In the image, Harris posed in profile outdoors amid a country landscape, with trees and blue sky in the background. The rustic landscape aptly complemented her sophisticated tan blazer, simple silver stud earrings, and signature coif, falling delicately over her shoulders as she looked off into the distance.

Fans of the outlet showed their support for the vice presidential hopeful, with more then 16,700 likes and over 160 comments on the post. Numerous followers wrote in their love for the senator in the comments section while others posted clapping hands and praise hands emoji, showing their support for the candidate.

“GREAT LADY,” gushed one user in all caps.

“Good luck tonight Harris,” another admirer said, giving the 55-year-old some well wishes for the debate.

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