‘The Conners’ Star Michael Fishman Shares Script For Upcoming Halloween Episode As He Makes Directorial Debut

The Conners star Michael Fishman gave fans a thrill when he posted a photo of the script for an upcoming Halloween-themed episode for the ABC sitcom.

In a new post shared on his Instagram account, Fishman, who played DJ Conner on the Roseanne spinoff, shared a snap of a Season 3 script with the working title “Halloween.” The story, which is listed as the seventh of the third season but will air in the second week, was written by Bruce Helford and will be directed by Fishman.

In the caption, Fishman wrote that it feels “fated” that his directorial debut will take place with the Halloween show. Longtime fans of the original Roseanne series know that the spooky October holiday was celebrated in almost every one of the show’s seasons. The tradition continued on The Conners spinoff, with the 2018 installment “There Won’t Be Blood” and last year’s “Nightmare on Lunch Box Street.”

Fishman, who started working on the Roseanne series when he was a young boy, noted that the Halloween episodes are the franchise’s “legacy” and that they are often complicated to produce. He also gave a shoutout to the talented cast and crew of The Conners for making his job easier ahead of time.

In the comments section, fans congratulated Fishman on his long-awaited career milestone. They also reminisced about some of the past holiday-themes on the long-running ABC sitcom franchise.

“I am greatly looking forward to see you direct!” one fan wrote. “You guys have made some of the most iconic and enjoyable Halloween episodes in [the] history of television and I know that you will direct the episode with a lot of thought and care.”

Last week, Helford told reporters that the tricky filming schedule due to the COVID-19 pandemic left the possibility of a Halloween storyline up in the air. Once producers found out they would be on the air on October 28, it was a mad rush to get a script together.

“We rushed into production to do an episode that discusses Halloween, for one thing, because Halloween won’t be the same this year,” the showrunner said, per The Wrap. “So the Conners are going to find a way to make it right.”

He added that perhaps the episode will give real-life families a way to figure out how to celebrate the holiday at their own homes without being able to go out to trick-or-treat during the health pandemic.

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