Jana Duggar Reveals How Her Family Is Showing Their Donald Trump Support In A Huge Way

Counting On star Jana Duggar praised one of her brothers for being “creative” after he used a weed eater to make it abundantly clear that their family supports President Donald Trump. However, his supersized version of a political sign wasn’t a hit with all of Jana’s fans.

Jana, 30, took to Instagram on Monday to give her followers a glimpse at how her younger brother James, 19, created a huge piece of “yard artwork.” In the video that she shared, the teen was shown using a weed eater to cut the green grass on one of the sloping hills in front of the Duggars’ home in Tontitown, Arkansas. Jana addressed the camera as he created a straight line, asking her fans to see if they could guess what his creation was.

In the comments section, one of her followers wrote that she initially “loved” the artwork because she thought that it was going to be a big cross. However, Jana and her brother came up with a dramatic way to reveal that it was actually a huge “T.” The pair sat in a utility vehicle some distance away from the yard art and they sped over the hilly ground to provide a closer view of the gigantic letter.

Jana encouraged her fans to check out the full video on her YouTube page, which can be viewed here. It revealed that her sibling was spelling out “Trump.” She could be heard advising James to make the “T” bigger. She also stood on top of the opposite hill and directed him on where to place some of the other letters. Her brother worried that one side of the “M” was longer than the other, but she reassured him that it looked “good.” After he cleaned the brownish-yellow letters up a bit, he added a “2020” underneath the president’s surname.

Jana’s sister-in-law, Anna, responded to her Instagram post by calling the lawn art “nice,” and many of her followers were thrilled to see the Counting On stars showing their support for the president.

“Awesome James!! Love the Duggars and Trump!” wrote one fan.

“I don’t know why so many negative comments. I’m pretty sure everyone knows where your family stands on many issues. I love it!” another message read.

However, some critics weren’t happy to see the big political display.

“This doesn’t help your Christian ministry… supporting the most divisive candidate in US history is not going to help winning over lost souls for the lord,” wrote one commenter.

“How can a family that touts values as you do support someone who has none? I like you all but I will never understand that. Such hypocrisy… it’s sad,” someone else remarked.

Others suggested that the Duggars should have used the lawn space to promote Jedidiah Duggar’s campaign instead. Last November, the 21-year-old announced that he was running for a seat in the Arkansas House of Representatives.

Seemingly in response to the criticism, Jana shared the Bible verse 1 Timothy‬ ‭2:1-4‬ in the comments section. The passage is about praying for kings and others in high positions.

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