Tom Bergeron Shares Adorable Photo Of Pup Sir Wembly Getting His Christmas On

Aaron Homer

Former Dancing with the Stars host Tom Bergeron shared an adorable picture of one of his dogs on Instagram on Monday, showing the pup playing with a Christmas toy even though the holiday is weeks away.

While most of the country is gearing up for Halloween, which is a mere three weeks away, Tom's dog Sir Wembly appears to be more interested in America's other favorite season. The pup appeared to be getting his Christmas on by playing with a Santa-shaped toy. Looking at the camera, the pooch seemed to be flashing an ear-to-ear grin. Regardless of the look on his face, he looked as if he was down for some playful fun.

The pup appeared to be hanging out on the carpet near a window that looked out onto what maybe Tom's backyard. In his paws, he grasped what appeared to be a Santa Claus toy, possibly of 1960s or 1970s vintage.

In the caption, Tom noted that the pet is skipping right past the holiday that's on everyone else's mind.

"I can relate! I'm ready for this????show of a year to be over.???? Bring on Christmas and 2021," wrote one commenter.

Others noted that they've missed seeing Tom on his former show.

"so cute! Missing you on my TV screen. Cannot watch DWTS without you on it," said a fan.

Some fans skipped the commentary about unrelated issues in favor of focusing on the dog.

"What a happy dog..! Have a great week!" wrote a user.

In fact, now that he's not doing anything on television and has some time on his hands, Tom appears to enjoy posting pictures and videos of his pets. Sir Wembly Falco, as he's officially known, for example, is so popular that he has his own Instagram account in which his owner features him playing, yawning, or otherwise being a dog. You can view his page here.

Similarly, elsewhere on his main account, Tom has posted pictures of other dogs, including those belonging to his adult children -- he calls these pups his "granddoggers."

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, fans are still upset about the fact that the former host and his co-host, Erin Andrews, were replaced on DWTS by Tyra Banks.