WWE Rumors: Former Champion Reportedly Buried; Triple H Comments On Superstar’s ‘Immaturity’

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of Ringside News, WWE superstar Velveteen Dream may have been buried at last night’s NXT Takeover 31 event.

The superstar, who lost to KUSHIDA, found himself on the receiving end of a dramatic post-match beatdown at the hands of his opponent. As the report noted, this was strange, given that KUSHIDA is a babyface.

While this may have been the company’s way of turning the Japanese superstar heel, the segment seemed more like a statement regarding Dream’s current status.

“It just felt like this thing’s gotta work into some story because you rarely see a guy get destroyed at the level that this guy gets destroyed except for in a main event match. Like, it was like he got beat, he got destroyed.”

Meltzer went on to say that the loss felt more like WWE’s way of burying the former North American Champion, as opposed to pushing KUSHIDA. He noted that the former North American Champion cried during the segment, which tends to be reserved for emotional storylines or burials.

There have been calls to have Dream fired in recent months after he was accused of misconduct on more than one occasion. Officials have continued to support the young star, which has resulted in a lot of criticism from fans and pundits. However, they may not be happy with him behind the scenes.

Dream’s personal issues have been recognized by officials, and comments made after the latest show suggested that the performer isn’t highly favored at the moment.

As quoted by WrestlingNews.co, Triple H weighed in on the match after Takeover, stating that Dream needs to make some improvements and get his life in order.

“Dream is one of those young guys that still hasn’t quite found his way yet of who he wants to be and I think sometimes that weighs on him. His immaturity in his life presents itself in his professional life and makes it difficult for him sometimes.”

Meltzer also speculated that Dream could be on his way to the main roster, which would explain why he lost so emphatically. A draft is set to take place this month, and Vince McMahon reportedly has his eye on some top NXT stars. It remains to be seen if Dream is one of them.

However, the journalist also noted Dream moving to the main roster would be an unwise move following the recent scandals. Triple H’s words also implied that it might be a while before Dream is given a significant push again.

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