Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Real Andrews Hints That Taggert May Be Back Soon

'General Hospital' star Real Andrews and his wife Michele Viscasso attend the Daytime Emmy Awards
Mark Mainz / Getty Images

General Hospital spoilers tease that Cyrus Renault will be facing a significant number of challenges in the weeks ahead. From the sounds of things, he may soon be hit with a shocker as Marcus Taggert escalates his plans to take down the mobster.

On Sunday morning, actor Real Andrews shared a fun teaser via his Instagram page. He suggested that his character of Taggert might be returning to Port Charles sooner rather than later with the intention of taking out Cyrus once and for all.

The photo that Andrews shared showed him shirtless and looking serious. As he snapped the selfie, he pulled one fist back near his face as if he was preparing to punch someone. He teased that Cyrus should watch his back and that his character was coming for him.

After months of speculation, General Hospital finally revealed that, as had been suspected, Taggert’s death last spring was faked. Andrews explained that the writers really had intended for his character to die at that point. However, fans were not happy with that development, and their passion for keeping him alive nudged the writers to change course.

Viewers didn’t get to see all that much of Taggert during this recent reveal though. He was shot while intervening between Julian Jerome and Nelle Benson Jerome’s battle on the docks and Jason Morgan found him. Once he was patched up again, he left Port Charles, but he made it clear he was intent on seeing Cyrus destroyed.

Jason and Sonny Corinthos are determined to destroy Cyrus as well, and Taggert noted that he was trusting his enemies-come-allies to make it happen. However, General Hospital spoilers suggest that the former detective may soon decide he needs to remain more hands-on with this mission than he originally intended.

General Hospital teasers do reveal a few hints about this battle escalating. According to SheKnows Soaps, Jason will caution Epiphany Johnson soon.

He knows that Epiphany worked with Jordan Ashford to fake Taggert’s death, and he’s also aware that Cyrus is making big changes at General Hospital. Cyrus’ directives have already led to a demotion for her, and Jason will seemingly urge her to lay low as much as possible for now. If Cyrus were to learn that she was involved with the Taggert situation, she’d surely end up with a boatload of new problems.

Cyrus will soon demand that Jordan give him a case file. Whether it’s related to Taggert or someone else, this request will probably cause concerns for Jordan and whomever else is connected to the file.

How soon will Taggert return and will he get the satisfaction of taking Cyrus down himself? General Hospital spoilers have laid the groundwork for this return to have a major impact on many people in Port Charles, and fans will be eagerly awaiting additional details.