‘Big Brother 22’ Week 9 Spoilers: Power Of Veto Winner Revealed

The Big Brother houseguests compete in the Power of Veto competition

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 22.

Week 9 in the Big Brother All-Stars house is almost complete despite not yet playing out on television. Thursday saw the first triple eviction in the series history, sending Kevin Campbell, David Alexander, and Dani Briones out the door all within two hours. Shortly after the last eviction, another Head of Household (HOH) competition took place where Cody Calafiore came out on top yet again. He subsequently nominated Christmas Abbott and Tyler Crispen for eviction.

Big Brother Daily revealed on Twitter today that Cody also nabbed the Power of Veto (POV). It’s deja vu in the Big Brother house as Cody also won both competitions last week. This marks the sixth victory for the New Jersey native with three HOH wins and three POVs. Cody’s win today almost certainly confirms that nominations will stay the same, as now he doesn’t have to worry about putting up one of his close allies as a replacement nominee.

Despite him not having a vote this coming Thursday, he almost has full authority over who leaves this week. It’s been a common trend in All-Stars to “vote the HOH way,” where a majority decides to boot the leader’s main target. For the past 24 hours, the remaining players have gone back and forth on who they want to go home more, and there’s not a solid choice right now as there are reasons to send both home.

Cody Calafiore wins the Power of Veto

For now, the roommates who are able to cast a vote are finding reasons to send both Tyler and Christmas home. There are way too many final two deals to count, and true loyalties are hard to decipher now that it’s closer to the end. Nicole Franzel has made it clear she hates both Tyler and Christmas, but she will likely do whatever Cody tells her to. Enzo has also been fiercely loyal to Cody all season long so his choice should match Nicole’s.

Memphis is a bit of a wild card lately, and despite having a final three with Christmas, she is starting to get on his nerves a little bit. He has admitted to his male roommates that he knows she’s crazy but he can put up with it since she is on his side and loyal to him.

Both Christmas and Tyler have been performing well at competitions, so neither is more of a threat than the other. Both also have their enemies in the jury house, with neither being terribly well-liked. It’s normally better to keep a more hated houseguest around since they will likely lose in the finale, but Christmas and Tyler balance one another out in that aspect.

The Veto meeting will play out on Monday afternoon.