Man Arrested For Shoplifting 102 Bottles Of Nail Polish

A Connecticut man was arrested for shoplifting 102 bottles of nail polish from a CVS store. Marco Gonzalez, age 42, stuffed the Essie and Sally Hansen brand nail polish into his pants and sweatshirt and attempted to leave the store without paying.

A CVS loss prevention officer contacted authorities when they discovered Gonzalez stuffing his clothing with numerous bottles of nail polish. When confronted, the man admitted shoplifting the 102 bottles of nail polish and that he had no intention of paying for them. He did not explain whether he planned to use or sell the polish.

As reported by the Middletown Press, the retail value of the polish was over $800. Gonzalez was arrested for a fifth-degree larceny. He was arrested but has been released on $10,000 bond. He will appear in court on May 1.

In 2011, a Staten Island man was arrested for shoplifting 142 bottles of nail polish from a Meiers Corners store. Joseph Ballew, age 22, admitted taking the nail polish, stating that he hoped to make money selling them.

As reported by the Staten Island Advance, Ballew admitted regularly stealing nail polish so he could sell it to a nail salon for $2 per bottle.

The nail polish had a retail value of over $1200. Ballew was charged with a felony grand larceny, possession of stolen property, and several misdemeanor charges.

Ballew planned to sell the polish he stole, but some men are actually starting to wear nail polish in a new trend. As reported by MSN, a company called Alpha Male has introduced nail polish for men.

The Alpha Male nail polish comes in applicator bottles, so it is simple to use. The polish comes in various neutral colors including “Benjamins” and “Burnin’ Rubber.” Alpha Male describes their product as the “first brand of strengthening nail polish designed for men and worn by warriors.”

The man who shoplifted 102 bottles of nail polish never discussed whether he planned to wear the nail polish or if he wanted to sell it to make some money.

[Image via Wikimedia]