‘Big Brother 22’ Evictees Kevin Campbell And David Alexander Discuss Their Hug-Less Exits

Kevin Campbell and David Alexander were the first two players sent home during Thursday’s triple eviction on Big Brother All-Stars. The two men had been underdogs all season long, appearing on the block multiple times before eventually getting the boot. Kevin had been nominated a shocking five times, with David just behind with four nominations. A few days ago, Kevin spoke one-on-one with the cameras while none of his roommates were around, noting what a horrific experience he was having in the Big Brother house this summer.

When both men found out they had been eliminated, they left without hugging any of their housemates, breaking a common tradition during a houseguest’s exit. There is normally a minute or so of awkward hugging as an evictee leaves the game just before they meet Julie Chen out on stage. David and Kevin decided that wasn’t for them, and they discussed why they chose to forego the close contact when they spoke with Entertainment Weekly.

“I didn’t want to hug it out on my way out the door because these people are so fake. I’m so over the fakeness, I couldn’t, I was up to here with the level of fakeness in the house. Even thinking about it right now, I’m so annoyed because like everybody would be like, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry. Oh my God!’ Everybody would be hugging each other all the time,” Kevin said.

This mirrored the response he gave to Julie when he left last night, in which he told the host that everyone in the house was extremely fake and he was tired of it. David’s response to why he skipped the hug was a little more direct.

“After getting nominated four times and having the hugs, nomination, and veto ceremonies, I was just over the hugs. I just was tired of getting hugs from people who want to get you out,” he told EW.

Big Brother does have a large amount of hugging, and it doesn’t just come on eviction night. There is a round of hugs after the nomination ceremony as well as after the Veto meeting. By eviction night, the evicted player has had to hug all of their roommates in three separate instances, and sometimes enough is just enough.

Kevin did say he would hug some of his co-stars at the finale when everyone was happy, saying he only wanted to get “happy hugs.” Whether everyone will be allowed to interact during the finale remains to be seen, now that the jury and remaining players have been in separate houses. This could interfere with CBS’s COVID-19 guidelines.

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