Julie Chen Comments On Triple Eviction Blunder On ‘Big Brother All-Stars’

Thursday featured the first-ever triple eviction in the history of Big Brother. The houseguests had been tipped off by Dr. Will Kirby who popped in from time to time to let the players know things would be shaken up this past week. The remaining roommates suspected a double eviction last night, and a third possibly tonight or this weekend, but they were mostly clueless that it would all be happening at once.

Host Julie Chen held off on the big surprise and was waiting until the end of the episode to clue them in, but the houseguests accidentally found out ahead of time, due to a major production blunder.

When Julie was checking in with the roommates, the graphic for “triple eviction” was scrolling behind her, which they were able to read on their television screen. The accidental reveal came before the second eviction, which could have affected the outcome of the votes. Julie went silent as the housemates figured out what was going on. Producers were likely in her ear telling her how to recover.

Now she is speaking up about the mishap in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Julie was asked how frustrated she was about the incident, though she didn’t seem to think it was all that bad.

“My first reaction in my head was ‘d’oh!’ But then as I quietly watched each houseguest’s reaction…the shock, surprise, and genuine confused disbelief… I thought well, this is kind of priceless. It all worked out, and things like this are why I love doing live television,” she said.

After the accidental reveal, Julie still didn’t tell the players what was going on and kept the “surprise” for later in the evening after the second eviction took place. She eventually laughed and joked with the houseguests about it, the only way to handle it at that point.

Whether the producers will host another triple eviction in the future on Big Brother remains to be seen. This season is not the traditional length of a regular summer in the house, so the triple eviction was one of the only ways they could even out the numbers before the finale in three weeks.

If next year is able to see a normal summer length, the producers will more than likely keep one or two double evictions in rotation and throw the triple out the door. Many viewers were upset at how everything played out last night, with the season’s last two minority players being voted out first, leaving all white competitors left to play the game.

The boot order was not much of a shock to loyal fans, who have continuously called this season a complete disappointment.

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