Jessa Duggar Gives Son Spurgeon A New Haircut And He Looks Unamused In New Video

Jessa Duggar is known for saving some money by cutting her kids’ hair herself instead of going to a salon or barber. In a new YouTube video that was posted Thursday, which can be seen here, the Counting On star showed off her oldest child’s recent haircut. Spurgeon, 4, had a new hairdo, but he appeared to be a bit unamused by the whole thing.

In the beginning of the clip, Jessa urged her son to come out of the bathroom to show the rest of the family his hair. She shared a note saying Spurgeon didn’t think they would recognize him.

As he emerged, Duggar fans could see that he did look quite different from usual. His signature curly locks were nowhere to be seen — his mom had slicked his hair down so that he almost looked like a different kid.

Jessa’s husband, Ben Seewald, responded with surprise. Spurgeon then announced to his dad that his mom “made me look like this.”

When Ben told him that he looked like a big boy, Spurgeon got very quiet and stared off into space seemingly thinking about that statement. However, that didn’t last very long as he went to show his little brother, Henry, 3, his new look.

Henry and baby sister Ivy Jane, 1, seemed to be OK with it and knew who he was right away.

Jessa told her fans not to worry as she only trimmed his locks and his curly strands were not cut off. Everyone seemed to like Spurgeon’s big boy look, however, her fans commented on how they love his previous style as well.

“He’s a doll but I love his signature curls the best!” one admirer said.

“I miss his curls. Liked them a lot,” a second person told her.

“Either way, Spurge is a handsome little guy,” replied a third follower.

As the eldest Seewald boy walked over to where Henry was playing, he stepped right on the race track that was set up. Jessa seemed to know exactly how people would react watching him do that. She explained below the video that he didn’t mean to break it apart since the boys have walked across the sturdy bridge before.

“His 4 yr old mind thought he could walk across the top, and when they use only one track to make a bridge across the tops of the ramps, it is totally possible walk across them,” Jessa said.

In September, Spurgeon and Ivy Jane modeled a few clothing items that Jessa bought for them during a huge consignment shop sale she often frequents for used clothes for her three kids. The pictures were adorable, and Spurgeon’s mop of fresh curls were front and center.

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