‘One Piece’ Episode 943 Spoilers, Recap: Sanji Finally Defeats X Drake

One Piece features Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji
NMH.illusion / Flickr (CC BY 2.0 Cropped and Resized)

The latest episode of One Piece, which is titled “Luffy’s Determination! Win Through the Sumo Inferno!,” featured the epic battle between Straw Hat Pirates cook Vinsmoke Sanji and Drake Pirates captain X Drake. At first, Sanji and X Drake looked evenly match, but when he sensed that the beautiful Komurasaki was in danger, he unleashed an incredible amount of Haki and successfully took down the Beast Pirates headliner.

When the commotion in Rasetsu Town started, Sanji was originally given the task to secure Toko’s safety. However, he was left with no choice but to join the battle when X Drake appeared and attacked them. Sanji was noticeably having a hard time dealing with the enemy while carrying Toko in his arms. Luckily, Usopp saw him and offered to take Toko.

After Usopp took the little girl, Black Leg no longer needed to hold back. He used several powerful techniques against X Drake, who demonstrated a tougher defense compared to Page One. While he was exchanging blows with the enemy, Sanji heard a woman crying for help. Using his Observation Haki, he managed to track the woman’s location and imagined her physical appearance.

After seeing her, Sanji leveled up his power and unleashed a barrage of attacks against X Drake. Before Black Leg headed toward Komurasaki’s location, One Piece Episode 943 featured an unconscious X Drake slowing falling into the ground. Unfortunately, though he successfully defeated the enemy, Sanji failed with his next mission.

One Piece features Straw Hat Pirates' former bounties.
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Komurasaki’s life was no longer in danger, but it wasn’t Sanji who saved her. It was Straw Hat Pirates vice-captain Roronoa Zoro. A second before he arrived at Komurasaki’s location, Zoro showed up and defeated the two members of the Orochi Oniwabanshu. Before Black Leg could say a word, he carried Komurasaki in his arms and escaped, leaving the Straw Hat Pirates cook heartbroken.

Before he saved Komurasaki, One Piece Episode 943 also showed Zoro engaging in an interesting fight against Kyoshiro, a yakuza boss at the Flower Capital and one of the closes allies of Shogun Kurozumi Orochi. Despite using two-sword style, Zoro was unable to get past Kyoshiro and avenge his friend Tonoyasui from Shogun Orochi. Just by looking at his swordsmanship, Pirate Hunter knew that Kyoshiro wasn’t an ordinary samurai.

Unfortunately, compared to the battle between Sanji and X Drake, the duel between Zoro and Kyoshiro didn’t reach a conclusion. When the Orochi Oniwabanshu appeared at Rasetsu, Kyoshiro took advantage of the smokescreen and fled the battlefield.