Erin Andrews, 42, Rocks Daisy Dukes & Gives Fans A Peek At Her ‘Bare Essentials’ In Fridge Tour Video

Erin Andrews showed off her casual style and the contents of her refrigerator in a new Instagram share. The video was part of a segment she filmed for Women’s Health magazine.

The 42-year-old rocked a pair of light denim Daisy Dukes that had a worn-in appearance. She wore the frayed hems of the cutoffs folded up once to make them even shorter.

The NFL sideline reporter completed her classic look with a snug-fitting white T-shirt.

The ensemble showcased her slim, athletic figure to perfection without being overly revealing.

Erin accessorized with small stud earrings and a gold herringbone chain choker. Her highlighted hair was styled in flowy waves with a center part.

She stood in front of her open fridge to reveal its contents. She credited her husband, former NHL player Jarret Stoll, for the impressive level of organization on display, saying he likes to keep things “neat.”

“Oops. This turkey bacon isn’t in place. Let’s fix it before he gets annoyed,” she quipped as she ever so slightly adjusted the package of meat.

Erin explained that she and Jarret both travel a lot, so they only keep the “bare essentials” inside their refrigerator. A few items the camera zoomed in on included Tropicana orange juice, Yoplait strawberry yogurt, Eggland’s Best cage-free eggs, and Bull’s-Eye barbecue sauce.

The TV personality revealed that she and her husband began eating more leftovers during the quarantine.

“We end up cooking things that we can use for leftovers, so we got really, really good about that,” she said.

During her interview with Women’s Health, Erin revealed she doesn’t have a specific diet plan that she follows, and she doesn’t like to deprive herself. During the week, she eats a lot of lean protein and green veggies. The weekends are usually when she splurges on less healthy food like burgers, macaroni, and ice cream. She’s also a big snacker because she’s on the go so much. Two of her favorite healthy treats are trail mix and Taos Bakes energy bars.

Erin’s Instagram followers had a lot to say about the contents of her refrigerator.

“We don’t have that much stuff in our fridge and we are home 24×7. Lol,” read one remark.

“Shouldn’t tequila be included as a necessity lol,” quipped another fan.

“I’m glad I’m not the only one that has more condiments and beverages in my fridge than actual food,” a third person wrote.

A number of Erin’s followers also let her know they still miss seeing her on Dancing with the Stars. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, one of the show’s producers, Andrew Llinares, recently explained that she and co-host Tom Bergeron were fired because the show “needed to evolve.”

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