Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Stay Socially Distanced From Fellow ‘The Voice’ Coaches To Sing Bob Marley Song

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton kept their distance from Kelly Clarkson and John Legend to cover a feel-good Bob Marley classic.

On Wednesday, fans of The Voice were in for a treat when a new video was shared on the show’s YouTube channel. It showed the four Season 19 coaches reunited and feeling all right. The musicians also practiced social distancing as they belted out the reggae tune “One Love.” According to Entertainment Weekly, their special performance took place on a Universal Studios backlot where The Voice is filmed.

The foursome got to hang out on a set designed to look like a charming neighborhood in a big city. The video began with a shot of John strolling down the street and whistling. He was walking up the steps of a brick building when he noticed a piano on the sidewalk. A large card sat on the instrument’s music rack, and it had the words “Play Me” printed on it in large letters. He happily obeyed the command.

Soon after he began playing and singing, Kelly joined in from one of the windows above him. Blake made an appearance next. He walked down a few steps of a stoop with a stone balustrade. The country music singer had a guitar in hand, and he started strumming along with the instrument. His accompaniment gave the tune a jauntier sound.

Gwen soon joined him on the steps. The No Doubt frontwoman seemed to relish revisiting her ska-reggae roots for her part. The four musicians took turns singing, and they occasionally harmonized by blending their distinctive voices together. Gwen got to move and groove a little more than her fellow coaches since she wasn’t seated, playing an instrument, or leaning out of a window.

Windows played an important role in their performance. Near the end of the tune, the foursome was joined by a chorus of voices when over a dozen people popped their heads out of the windows of a row of multistory buildings.

The music video received rave reviews on YouTube, where fans commented on their favorite parts of the performance.

“Kelly could sing the washing machine’s instructions and still sound perfect!” wrote one fan.

“This was Gwen and John’s song. The song goes well with their vocals,” another viewer opined.

“This is love. And GWEN nailed it, hook, LOVE and sinker. Blake would definitely agree by the way he is looking at her,” a third comment read.

“Just the kind of positive and hopeful message we need more of right now. I can’t wait for the season to start,” said a fourth fan.

Fans of the talented foursome will get to see more of them together on their socially-distanced red chairs when The Voice returns to NBC on October 19.

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