James Woods Tweets Video Of Joe Biden, Claims He Wore A Wire During Presidential Debate [Debunked]

Actor James Woods tweeted a video Wednesday morning that he claimed was proof Democratic nominee Joe Biden was wearing a wire during Tuesday night’s presidential debates.

Update: The claim has since been debunked by fact-checkers.

The tweet shows a brief clip in which a camera appears to be zoomed in closely on the former vice president as he reaches his hand under his jacket, appearing to scratch himself or otherwise fiddle with something underneath. Then, as his hand emerges from under the garment, something grayish appears to contrast against his white shirt. The camera then zooms back and whatever it was can no longer be seen.

According to Woods’ caption, this was evidence that the Democratic nominee was “wired.”

In the comments, several Twitter users seemed to believe that Biden was, in fact, using equipment to tilt the debate in his favor.

For example, more than one respondent posted screenshots of a closeup of Biden appearing to cough into his left hand, while something reddish appeared to peek out from under his sleeve.

Another tweeted their belief that moderator Chris Wallace had sent Biden a list of topics in advance, including the questions he’d be asked and in what order. The user showed what appeared to be a screenshot of “talking points” purportedly sent to Biden, with a link to an article from Russian news agency Russia Today.

“Cheaters can always find a way to cheat. We knew it was coming. Joe also had 6 pages of talking points ordered correctly for the debate. How did he know the questions & their order. Maybe we should ask Chris Wallace,” the commenter wrote.

Another suggested in a tweet that Biden was using a “smart contact lens” and suggested that during the Democratic presidential debates a few months back, “Biden’s eye turned bloody, right around the time he became frazzled and confused.”

Others, however, aren’t buying Woods’ claim.

More than one commenter claimed that the “wire” Woods purported to have seen was merely a crease in Biden’s shirt.

“James you should be shame of yourself that is a crease that he has on both sides of his dress shirt but you can’t tell on this dark poor quality grainy video,” tweeted one commenter.

“I like ya James but it takes about two seconds of looking real close to see that is a crease in his shirt,” wrote another.

Another user suggested that Biden’s opponent was also up to chicanery, posting a screenshot of a zoomed-in look at Trump’s ear and hair. The user claimed that that picture showed that the president was also using a device.

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